Experiments in a Pure Form: Poems

1971 - 1980


City Limits Communications

Calgary (1981)

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We Are Not Romans


Westlands Book Express

Calgary (1984)

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The Long Distance and Other Poems:

1981 - 1986


Westlands Book Express

Cochrane (1987)

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Welcome to the Real World


Penny Dreadfuls

Calgary (1987)

The Centre of the World:

A Plains Journey


Whiskey Jack Press

Calgary (1993)

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River Deep, Mountain High 


Garlic Press

Toronto (1996)

The Ides Manifesto


Penny Dreadfuls

Calgary (1998)


Four Poems



Toronto (1998)


The Last Word:

An Insomniac Anthology of Contemporary Canadian Poetry


Edited by Michael William Holmes

Insomniac Press

Toronto (1995)

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Writing the Terrain:

Travelling through Alberta

with the Poets


Edited by Robert M. Stamp

University of Calgary Press

Calgary (1995)

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Edited by Brian Rusted,

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Special Collections

Murdoch Burnett Fonds


University of Calgary

Special Collections

(1960 - 1968) (2000 -  )


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Cross-Country Check-up


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Reading the Palliser Triangle


Complied by Allwyne Beaudoin

Royal Alberta Museum 

Head Curator of Landscape Studies

Edmonton (1998 - 2012)

Performances Available Online

Scream in High Park - 1998

Murdoch Burnett

Lenght: 17:39

July 13, 1998